Parkside Passenger Car

This is part of a much bigger set – don’t know why they’re not all tagged steampunk, if this is.

retro dieselpunk steampunk vehicle train

Zeppelin Star

this has a lot of retexture potential. Those fins aren’t great, though. Remodel them.

Steampunk Victorian Retro Aircraft LTA  vehicle

Starship Sky Hammer

Why either DAZ or the creator of this considers this “steampunk” I’ll never know.
Oh, wait – is it because “steampunk” was a hot sales category for a while?

Furute SciFi spacecraft fighter warship retrofuturistic

Spirit of Punk :(

What a horrible name. Obviously, this will need to be re-textured for anything serious, but it can be pretty cool.

keywords train Victorian Steampunk 

an example of this model re-skinned.

Retro Outfit G2M


Retro male outfit clothes 1920s 1930s steampunk victorian dieselpunk G2M
trousers, suspenders, touring cap, bow tie, button-down shirt