Zombie Portraits

Turn your favorite portrait into a zombie for halloween – or for every day! Why wait for a special occasion?

Ask for “slightly zombified” and



...becomes this!

…becomes this!










Anything from slightly zombified to barely recognizable bloody mess to something more like “Bicycle Girl” from the Walking Dead.

Starts at $20, and prices increase a bit the more zombified you want to become.

Contact me if you’re interested.  Once I receive your form, I’ll email you for a photo, and after seeing that, I’ll send you a purchase link. Once I receive your paid order, I’ll get to work.


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How bad do you want it to be - check one:
Just a little.A normal amount.Quite a lot.Bloody Mess!I want to give everyone that knows me nightmares.

Other Popular Options - check the ones you like:
Red EyesDead EyesGreenish SkinYellowed Decomp SkinLots of Bruises and ContusionsCuts, Cracks, Peeling Rotting FleshSo Much Blood!Dismemberment

Any other ideas of requests?